Client Stories

Kiera is a mother of 3 who came to us after completing her rehab programs in Reno. She came to Carson City with her 2 daughters, living out of her car, and trying to stay sober. A sheriff found her and brought her over to FISH for assistance. FISH admitted Kiera and her children into the women’s shelter during which she found a job and attended college. Then FISH moved Kiera and her family over to our transitional housing. In the last year and a half Kiera has excelled in her field of work, brought her son to live with her, and been sober for 2 years! Kiera stated that there are so many resources in Carson City and many of them have helped her get to where she is today. Kiera’s message to anyone out there still suffering is, “that there is hope. There is help and recovery is possible it just comes one day at a time.”

Michael came to FISH 1 year ago addicted to methamphetamines. Michael has struggled with a troubling past and does not have any family support left. Michael was institutionalized sever times from the age of 22 and struggled getting out of that lifestyle. He was turned away from several treatment centers because he did not have Medicaid which led him to FISH. FISH provided him warm meals and groceries, clothing, a tent, daily showers and he utilized the laundry facilities. Michael dove into the bible and built positive relationships that helped him get clean on his own. Now Michael has a place to live, his own car, a job and a hobby of making stunning Jewelry to share around our community. He has found his passion and his path in Life. He said. “I have a success sorry and my success story is Carson City!”

Sarah Krites was introduced to FISH 2 years ago by “chance” after losing custody of her children to addiction. After 2 years in our transitional living program Sarah found she was still struggling to support her family on low wages. Due to her academic aptitude and drive to succeed Sarah was offered to be our first candidate in the ROADS Program. During this process her children began mimicking her studious behaviors and have excelled in education. Her 15 year old daughter began studying with her at the kitchen table for the first time and her 18 year old daughter has recently completed a beauty school program. Sarah completed the education program in Manufacturing at WNC and has moved from a menial job to a meaningful career. Sara said “I haven’t been proud of myself in a very long time but thanks to FISH’s help and encouragement I am at a place I never thought that I would be again. The opportunities that I have in front of me are amazing!”
Sarah, Client