Client Stories


I have always been hesitant about telling my story, how it will sound, etc. All the stuff that runs through a recovering and insecure addict’s mind. Well, here goes nothing… In 2016, I got my last DUI in Colorado. I decided to leave there and move back to Nevada to change my son’s and my life once again. I was on the run for about three months or so. My parents took care of my son as I hit the streets hard. I kept using meth and couldn’t find my way back until I was stranded in Vegas. We had rolled the truck on the freeway going about 50mph. The driver almost lost their arm, and all I had was a minor scratch on my knee. I knew that was a sign from God that life is too short; get it together. We were finally able to get a ride back to Carson City. We went through the craziest storm I could imagine. Lightning was hitting the ground right next to the car, the brightest thing ever. I knew at that moment God was trying to talk to me. I prayed to God to just get me home, and I will find a rehab and get my baby and be the mom you intended me to be. We made it back to Carson City. I made some phone calls and asked my mom to drop me off to detox at WellCare in Reno, then was transported to the Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission. That’s where I met Tammy Treadwell, otherwise known as “Mama.” She helped me not only learn a whole new way of life, but she led me to Christ. I did the program for a year and came out a whole new person. Once I graduated, I became a house manager for a recovery program that ended up unsuccessful, but that’s okay because that was when FISH came in and turned my adventure of life into something incredible. In 2018, Jim Peckham took a chance and hired me as FISH’s receptionist. Two months later, another chance was taken on me, and FISH approved me to live in their Transitional Housing while being employed. I was lucky and was not going to let them down! I worked for FISH for two years, then went on to Panasonic. Working at Panasonic allowed me to save a little extra money for a deposit on an apartment. I was in Transitional Housing for three years as they let me stay one additional year to help build me up. We have moved out and can now afford a “normal” rent bill. FISH is generous and amazing at what they do. I always enjoyed working there too. A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out… I would say I’m the one that received a hand-up, not a handout. I am blessed and thankful to say I love my FISH family. I’ve had custody of my son since I graduated from the program. Our relationship has grown so much as well. July 28th, 2022, will be six years clean off meth. Thank you to all that had a part in my recovery!


My name is Teddy Taylor. I set on to better myself because I saw our economy sinking, and it forced me to make a decision. I needed to change my career to one that offered better financial security because if I simply stayed as a maintenance man, I would never be able to afford a house, and I was worried that I would still be working by the time I was eighty. I took a huge risk, made some tough decisions, and sacrificed so much to become a truck driver. I left my full-time job, my home, and my piece of mind behind to try and secure a brighter future for myself. I first drove out to Texas to attempt to start a new life in a place I believed was safe. I lost my birth certificate, and due to the pandemic, I had a hard time getting a new one so I was forced to drive all the way back from Texas so I could physically obtain it. My vehicle wasn’t in the best condition, so I decided to stay in Nevada which in the end was the best decision. I wasn’t at a loss as the state of Nevada offered a nearly unheard-of amount of support. I received shelter, food, and gas vouchers. Not to mention that my school was paid for with the help of the Community Chest. Not only did the community chest help me attend my CDL school, but they also put me up at the Nugget Casino in Sparks. I was only given a week or so, and my schooling was not finished yet. I had a week and a half to go. The Community Chest had done all they could for me at this point at which I then turned to other resources. I called FISH for help because I had heard of them by dialing 211 to ask for help. I called them and told them about my situation. After hearing that I was trying to better myself they reached out to help. I was given a unit to live in, they provided me with food, shelter, gave me blankets, and allowed me to receive hot meals daily. Because of the peace of mind that they provided I noticed an improvement in my training, and I was able to obtain my CDL. Despite the long drives that I needed to undertake I never worried about gas because I received gas vouchers from a worker development program. It really did feel like all of Nevada was supporting me at every turn throughout my journey. I owe this state, FISH, and the Community Chest more than I will be able to repay. I love my country, I love Nevada, and because of the help that I received I can help my country with at least one of its problems-the trucker shortages. At the time of my writing this I am awaiting a drug test to begin working for Knight Transportation. I know I will pass, and I hope I will be able to at least contribute to the recovery of our country’s economy. Thank you, FISH, for giving me a hand up, and thank you Community Chest for giving me so much. -Teddy Taylor, a proud citizen of Nevada.


My name is Johnny Cortez. I am an ex-gang member from Southeast Los Angeles. I dropped out of school at an early age and started gang banging at the age of 14. This continued throughout my entire life. In the summer of 2017, the violence got out of control, and I finally decided to change my life. I found my salvation with Jesus Christ and walked away from gang violence summer of 2017. I packed up and came to Carson City in the winter of 2017 and found FISH and the Focus House. I am currently the House Proctor and a full-time employee at FISH. FISH helped me get on my feet, and I am grateful for all their help and looking forward to getting my GED and furthering my education.