FISH Revitalization Project

Moving People from Minimum Wage to Meaningful Careers

   The FISH Revitalization Program is a new workforce development program in Carson City to move underemployed clients from minimum wage jobs to meaningful careers with local employers. Our target populations are those who are already employed, but they lack the social/life skills, education, housing, and financial wherewithal to move out from poverty and out of their low paying jobs.  FISH's partnerships with local community members have helped to develop this program with FISH.  FISH recently bought the Whistle Stop Inn on N. Carson St. with plans to demolish and revitalize the buildings into family dormitories.

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   We will provide education and services to all family members housed there, so we can make the most impact on generational poverty. With this new transitional program, we will move low income earners from menial jobs to meaningful careers. We will continue to help to stabilize our clients and provide them with nutritious meals from our dining room and boxes of food from our food banks.  With our “hand-up” mission, our clients find a renewed hope.  With this hope, clients are better able to assess their behaviors and skills, and in turn develop a willingness to change behaviors that lead to self-sufficiency.


   The program has already started with one successful candidate, Sarah.  Sarah was introduced to FISH 2 years ago by 'chance' after losing custody of her children to addiction.  After 2 years in our transitional living program, Sarah found that she was struggling to support her family on low wages.  Due to her academic aptitude and drive to succeed, Sarah was offered to be our first candidate in the FISH Revitalization Project.  During this process, her children began mimicking her studious behaviors and have excelled in their own education.  Her 15 year old daughter began studying with her at the kitchen table for the first time and her 18 year old daughter has recently completed a beauty school program.  Sarah completed the education program in Manufacturing at WNC and has moved from a menial job to a meaningful career. Sarah said, "I haven't been proud of myself in a very long time, but thanks to FISH's help and encouragement, I am at a place I never thought that I would be again.  The opportunities that I have in front of me are amazing!"  We wish Sarah the best of luck as she advances through her new career!